Big Island Tea, established in 2001, is one of Hawaii’s pioneer tea gardens.  

Found at ~ 3000’ on the NE slope of Mauna Loa volcano on a 400 year old ash deposit,  the environment is ideal for growing a premium tea. 

We produce ultra premium single-batch whole leaf green and black tea.

We hand-pick, hand-fire, and hand-roll all of our tea in small batches.

We host forest tours and tea sampling.  

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Big Island Tea now gives workshops in picking and hand-processing green tea.  Big Island Tea provides consultation, and seeds with rich genetic diversity, to establish your own sustainable, ultra-premium tea garden.

What are people Saying?

Amazing tour and brilliant hosts! Highly recommend!!!!

Your unique way in cultivating and making organic and health-beneficial tea is brand-new idea in today's tea industry, Hawaii, say Big Island Tea will usher healthy tea trend in the 21 century and the future.

Amazing people with a great story, excellent vision

and quality product!

We started with a lighter brew first.  We noticed it has a Natural sweetness about it (kindof the same way that coffee has if you get it in the first week or two after roasting).  I thought I tasted a little orange peel up front.  Very nice and soothing, with no trace of bitterness.  

Stronger brewing has more earthy tones, but still lots of distinct flavors.  I'm not sure how to describe the more prominent flavor, but it's a classic black tea flavor.  Lots of surrounding notes though and a complexity that parallels a good red wine in that I picked up different flavors at different times while drinking it.

Big Island Tea uses agro-ecological farming methods; a perspective that envisions the farm as a balanced agro-ecosystem.  We are recreating a mid-elevation Mauna Loa cloud forest in which our tea is an understory crop.  We have planted thousands of tea, native trees, and other understory plants.

We are creating forest infrastructure that is attracting a web of inter-dependent organisms including soil microorganisms, beneficial insects, geckoes, and a variety of birds including the endangered `I`o (Hawaiian Hawk), Nene (Hawaiian Goose), Pu`eo (Hawaiian Owl), and a few unidentified forest Honeycreepers.


Tea naturally thrives in the forest; wild tea originated in the forests of Yunnan, China.  Cutting edge research has demonstrated that shade grown tea expresses more of the compounds associated with the good taste and health benefits of tea.  Research has also shown that genetically diverse tea grown in the ecologically diverse forests of Yunnan China is better tasting and higher value than less diverse tea grown in open plantations. See our How to grow tea sustainably page for more information.

In order to restore soil depleted by focused vegetable farming, we established a vigorous composting/ vermiculture and mulching program.


  Contact Eliah *at* BigIslandTea *dot* com,

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Big Island Tea: Hand-crafted Hawai`i Grown Tea.  Featuring `A`A Black Tea, and Kilinoe Green Tea.