Educational Kilinoe Forest

Tour and Tea Cupping


Eliah and Cam  are pioneering tea farmers in Hawai`i.  We offer group educational tours of Kilinoe Forest followed by cupping Big Island Tea.

Big Island Tea was established in 2001.  Eliah has over 30 years experience in creative landscaping and 13 years farming tea. Cam has 24 years of university teaching (biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, etc).  Together,  Eliah and Cam tell a fun and interesting story of the culinary, cultural, ecological, social, and scientific underpinnings of Big Island Tea.

Kilinoe Forest *(Kilinoe means misty rain in Hawaiian) was built by Eliah and Cam to replace a commercial/greenhouse operation surrounded by invasive 7’ tall grass. It is now  a native forest habitat in which tea  thrives! FYI: wild tea is a forest sub-canopy tree. 

*Kilinoe” means misty rain in Hawaiian

Kilinoe Forest Tour and Tea Cupping

$75/couple + $35 each additional person


  1. Educational tour of Kilinoe Forest

  2. Cupping of `A`a Black Tea

         and Kilinoe Green Tea

  1. Big Island Tea Gift Tin per visitor

Tour times: 10am & 2pm ~ 2 hr

Reservations are necessary   or



Eliah talks with Kumu Leimomi Kiyono and her  Hālau Hoʻoulu I Ke Kapa about Big Island Tea and the creation of Kilinoe Forest.  The photos from tours on this page are posted with permission.